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Mitzy + Pinky 89cl

Mitzy + Pinky 89cl

Pinky is a petite, pure white female, around 6 ...

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Ipswich missing cats-Cat killer fears

Ipswich missing cats-Cat killer fears

An upsetting article in the Ipswich Evening ...

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Adopt a cat

Would you like to rehome one of our cats shown below?

Please use the "Contact us" button on this website, or call Dave on 0845 3712069

A home visit will always be required prior to a cat being rehomed.

On average our Branch spends over £150 per cat:

Blood test for FiV & FeLv £20

Vaccinations                       £40

Neutering                            £40 - £50

Microchipping                    £20

Not to mention worming, de-fleaing, medical treatment, food, cat litter etc…

A kitten costs nearly the same amount as an adult, sometimes more! 

Cats Protection charges a set fee donation of £55 for each cat homed.

For this sum, you get peace of mind when you adopt from us.
We do frequently have kittens available for homing. Please call to ask, as we don’t put the kitten details or photos on the website.

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Mitzy + Pinky 89cl
Mitzy (2) + Pinky (6)- best pals want a home together...
Heidi ((IPS14023pk)
Heidi -a sweet little girl who have been with us far too long....
Fluffy (IPS14031DH)
Fluffy - fluffy fur + fab whiskers...
Tiber + Nero
Tiber + Nero-gentle brothers...
Mumble + Pebbles
Mumble + Pebbles: sisters want be be homed together...
Poppet 14086RK
Poppet-playful little stray girl...
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Some of the cats in our care may not yet be on our website. If you are looking for a feline companion, please call us on 0845 371 2069