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Daisy - happy endings

02 October 2011
Daisy - happy endings Daisy is a lovely ginger girl, who came in to Cats Protection in February 2011, with 2 other cats Saffy and Harry Black. This poor cat weighed in at 8kg, an awful lot for a girl of fairly small stature. She looked like a huge ginger ball on 4 little feet.

Daisy and the 2 boys came in as a result of a divorce, and poor old  Daisy appeared to be comfort eating.
She ate her own dinner and then used her great bulk to bounce the boys out of the way to scoff theirs as well.
There were concerns about diabetes due to her huge weight, constant drinking and also due to a large growth the size of a golf ball on her abdomen. All three had bare patches of skin secondary to pulling their fur out due to flea infestion. The vets were not happy to anaesthetise Daisy as she was so obese, so a strict diet was started.
This was very difficult to do, when she was sharing quarters with the 2 boys.

Then along came Mrs Pearce who agreed to take Daisy on, and diet her to the vets required weight.
We are in receipt of a letter from Mrs Pearce (printed in Winter 2011 newsletter) telling us that Daisy has now attained her target weight of 5kg. She has had the operation to remove the suspicious looking growth from her abdomen, which thankfully proved benign.  A great success for both Daisy and Mrs P. We are told she has turned into a very friendly little girl who greets her new owner with a lovely musical chirrup.

We are indebted to Mrs Pearce and many like her who take on cats with known medical problems who would otherwise be overlooked. Do bear in mind that if you take on a cat with a known medical condition at the time of fostering, Cats Protection will pay towards the medical bills for that cat. This will be discussed fully with you during the homing visit.