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Ruby- the tale (tail?) of an incomplete spay

13 May 2012
Ruby- the tale (tail?) of an incomplete spay Ruby is an 8 year old spayed girl who came in to Ipswich Cats Protection a few months ago.
Her behaviour veered from a little unpredictable and hissy to downright aggression at times.
So she was transferred from the pen to a home fosterer to see if this would improve things.
Well, she did calm down - but then she came into season. Three months in a row!
Cue much howling and rolling around.
The first month we thought was an odd aberration, but by the second and third we knew something very odd was going on with this little girl.
Her fosterers husband was afraid to go upstairs due to the attentions of this over amorous female.
The case baffled us all here at CP, how could a spayed female come into season?
The answer was discovered by the splendid Whitworths vets - she had been incompletely spayed all those years ago. One ovary and part of the uterus had been left behind. The operating vet told us that an abnormality of the reproductive tract was to blame. The uterus did not join both ovaries together like normal, but had a gap in the middle leading the original vet to think she only had the one. A condition which is becoming more common apparently. A large, uncomfortable (but happily benign) mass had formed around the remaining ovary, and Ruby had clearly been in pain for years with it.
This has just been removed (May 2012) and Ruby went back onto the site to find her forever home. She is already a happier little cat despite her tummy looking like a zipper with all the stitches.
Ruby will probably always be a nervy little girl, but she is very loving once she gets to know and trust you.
She has been with her fosterer now for nearly 4 months, and greets her with a sloppy nose "kiss".
There's nothing quite like fishy catty breath right in your face, is there!
Update- Ruby has now been homed (June 2012) to a lovely lady in Great Bricett - thank you.