Volunteers are always needed. We are currently looking for Event Helpers, Administrative/Support Volunteers especially in fundraising

Volunteers Urgently Needed

Volunteers are absolutely vital to the ongoing success of our branch.

Please support our charity shop.  Now open 7 days a week Mon to Sat 9 to 5 (3pm close on Fridays). Shop reopening Aug 31st on Queen Street IP1. 
It sells everything from books, bric-a-brac and clothes to jewellery and shoes. Volunteers are always needed to assist with serving customers, sorting donations, ironing and so much more. 

Cat Fosterers: Vital to the operation of our branch, fosterers care for the cats we take in until a permanent home is found for them. We can install high spec cat pens in your garden (they don't take up that much space - ask to see one if you're unsure). Or you can foster in a dedicated room in your home. Foster cats must be kept indoors and separate from other pets in the home, both for their own safety and that of your pets. The branch pays for food, litter, all equipment and veterinary fees for your foster cats. Fostering will cost you nothing but your time. Advice and support from the rest of the team is always available. For more information call 0345 371 2069 or email
 coordinator@ipswich.cats. org.uk
Feral cat trapping: Some areas have colonies of feral cats that Cats Protection may be able to help with. For feral colony trapping contact Janette email  on Fosterers@ipswich.cats.org.uk.  We are prepared to trap, blood test, neuter then return them to site. We return them to their colony family as truly feral cats would never be happy in a domestic situation, and rarely tame enough to live as a pet. Cats Protection will however remove very young kittens, and our fosterers do theif best to socialise and re-home where possible. If you own a stable / barns / free holding and would like a rodent controller,  a feral cat could be for you. Please email us  rehoming@ipswich.cats.org.uk